New Compliant Website



June 2020

We have just launched our new website that complies with all the relevant government legislation

Community Governance Review

Kilpeck Parish


January 2020

The Community Governance Reviews for Kilpeck Group Parish has been approved by full Council. The full report tabled at, and the audio recording made of, the full Council meeting where the CGRs were discussed can be found here (item no. 9)à

We have produced a parish order to enable these changes to take place; in summary, the process will now allow for the dissolving and abolition of all five existing group parish members and the creation of a new parish which will be call ‘Kilpeck Parish’. These changes will be coming in to force in April 2019. This change will not make any direct changes to the number of parish councillors as we have specified in the order that the new parish council shall retain nine parish council seats. The key change will be administrative whereby the five existing parishes shall cease to exist – being succeeded by the new parish of Kilpeck.